Are Auto Salvage Yards Eco-Friendly?

No matter how much you care for your car and take it for regular maintenance, one day it will reach its end. And then it will be time for you to say goodbye. However, disposing car yourself or just let it sit and rust is not the correct way to bid farewell to your precious car. A better way would be to contact Auto salvage yard near you who can collect the vehicle from you and treat them in an eco-friendly manner.

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Auto Salvage yards are a place where all unwanted vehicles come together. It is the job and responsibility of the wrecking yard to keep the environment safe while dealing with cars of all shapes, sizes, make, models, age and condition. And the professional Auto salvage yard are more than living up to their responsibility.  There are various ways in which eco-friendly auto salvage yard rescue the earth and the environment from the harmful effects of unwanted cars.

Harmful vehicle liquids disposed in safe manner

As we know, cars are full of harmful chemicals. From gasoline, antifreeze, battery acid, radiator liquid, engine oil and so on. These liquids are very harmful to the eco-system including humans, plants, and animals. Thus, when they are disposed of without proper care they can be very dangerous. However, an auto salvage yard ensures that it drains all the liquids and disposes of them in a safe manner as per the regulations.  In fact, draining the fluid is the first step in handling the vehicles that are no longer needed.

Auto Salvage Yards turn junk into useful material

Every car that comes to an auto salvage yard is thoroughly checked for possible salvage of parts, metal, and other reusable items. The parts that are still in the working condition sold to customers directly or the garage where they use to replace the faulty parts. Some parts like batteries if still in working condition are sent forward to be put in vehicles that need it.  Reusing these parts reduces the burden on natural resources and saves energy and reduces emissions from factories.

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Another important way in which the Auto salvage yard is eco-friendly is recycling the metal. All vehicles have up to 90% metal in them. And using natural mines to get the metal is harmful to the environment. On the other hand, when salvage yards separate the metal and send it for recycling, it helps in multiple ways. It reduces wastage on the land, saves resources, and these metal when recycled become as good as new. Thus, recycled metal can be used to manufacture metal items including new vehicles. Apart from the metal, the car also has many other recyclable items such as rubber, glass and so on. These items are forwarded to the respective recyclers for further use.  And finally whatever junk remains is crushed and disposed of in a safe manner. Thus, Auto Salvage yard turns a junk vehicle into the source of many materials and thus they are eco-friendly by practising Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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