Earth Day - How scrap yards help protect the Earth

With increasing awareness of keeping our earth safe, more and more people are now participating in the Earth day. And as we all know vehicles are one of the highest pollutant creators. The metals used, harmful emissions from the vehicles and chemical-laden liquids, all are responsible for damaging the environment. However, when they reach the end of their life, they pose more threat to the environment. This is where scrap yards play an important role in protecting the Earth.

  1. A safe place for junk cars – Imagine a world, where you just dump the unwanted vehicle on to the landfills! Scary isn’t it. However, with the emergence of the scrapyard, all the unwanted vehicles can be placed in one place without harming the environment. Scrap yards usually have tie-ups or they themselves buy the unwanted vehicles and treat them in the yard. This helps the earth by removing the junk from the road.
  2. Recycling the Metal and other parts – Another important role that junkyard plays is by recycling the materials. When a car comes to the scrapyard, it is dismantled and all the parts that are recyclable are separated.  As we know, most of the vehicle body is made of metal. And this metal can be recycled. Recycling these metals not only reduce the wastage but also save resources that otherwise would be needed in producing metal.
  3. Reusing the parts – Today, cars are in very high demand. And if you consider that each car will need at least one replacement part in its lifetime, you can understand the need for auto parts. Now scrap yard not only buy the unwanted vehicle and recycle the metal but they also reuse the auto parts that are salvaged from the cars. This reduces the burden on machines and resources. And also results in low emissions of harmful chemicals in the environment.
  4. Safe disposal of liquids and non-reusable parts – Cars need oil for various functions. Similarly, the car has few parts that are non-recyclable and reusable. These are the car waste so to speak. If they are dumped without the care they are very harmful due to their chemical properties. However, when scrapyards treat the cars, they make sure that whatever waste is collected from the car is disposed of in a safe manner by following the government regulations.  Thus, it is always advisable to get rid of your car by contacting the scrapyard instead of filling up the landfills.
  5. Preserving Natural resources – Metals are very useful to mankind in everyday life. And vehicle utilizes maximum metal in the world. Thus, if auto recyclers Brisbane were to mine the metal for every car, the resources would deplete very fast. Also, the cost of machines, energy to run these machines and process them is very high. Thus, when scrapyard crushes the metal and sells it to recyclers for reusing in vehicles, or metal items, they help in preserving natural resources, saving energy and wasting money – ultimately the Earth.

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