Driving cars is indeed one of the thrills. We want to get hands-on with our cars as soon as we can and thus, often forget getting into details of it. We think that how we see cars drive and work is what the real deal is. For Sure is some legacy that we need to follow and pass on. However, we do not understand that we are also passing down driving mistakes that can ultimately cause severe scrap to your car unknowingly.

Not knowing those mistakes is one thing, but knowing and still committing those mistakes is plain foolishness. The case can be that those habits have just settled in you, and you can’t get rid of them. But the chances are that you might not be able to “get rid” of your car when you want to because of the driving mistakes you are probably making. A bigger problem is that you would not get top cash for scrap cars Adelaide because obviously, no one wants to deal with things that are flawed and have mechanical issues.

But, as always, we got you covered and have brought for you a list of the five most common and careless mistakes that you might be making that damage your car. So, let’s get started!

1. Keeping your foot/ pressure on the clutch

Most of us think that keeping your foot on the clutch is always safe because it reduces your reaction time and saves time. But that “saving time” and “reduced timing” might increase damaged cars. This situation is also common in traffic areas where drivers usually keep their foot on the clutch to accelerate faster in first gear.

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What happens is that the clutch’s release bearing- which is responsible for the whole force exerted by the clutch spring, cannot take the pressure exerted by permanently pressing it. So, in most cases, you might have to replace a whole new clutch system, which is not what you want to get into it!

2. Stuffing and overloading your car result in Scrap Cars

Overloading is never a good idea. It harms your car in ways you didn’t imagine it would in terms of accidents and robberies. It increases the probability that you might meet with an accident. That is because when your car trunk is filled with suitcases with your favorite clothes in it, it will most likely cause the back mirror to get blocked, which means your rear view will be of no use.

Ultimately, you would not know what is behind you, and chances are, you will bump into it. Moreover, you will also have a chance of a possible robbery because you know what’s following. So remember, keep what’s important and find some other setting!

Most importantly, the overload weight causes a strain on the brakes which eventually puts strain on the drivetrain.

3. Unsuitable shoes or no shoes at all!

Studies indicate that people who drive inadequate wearing shoes are most likely to cause not just strains on the brakes, accelerator, and race. But can cost you accidents, too. In addition, those flip flops and slippers are most likely to slip from your feet, and you can imagine what damage they can cause. So much so that people consider not wearing anything and driving barefoot, which is even damaging. So, never forget to wear your best shoes that are adequate and fit whenever you have to drive.

4. Changing gears abruptly cause Damage to cars

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that many drivers sometimes make knowingly and sometimes absolutely clueless. Significantly when changing from drive to reverse and reverse to drive. When you do this suddenly, your transmission band goes through immense wear and tear, which might not be an available item, unlike your brake pads and discs. So we can easily deduce that your car will not stay in its best condition in the long and trust us, getting those transmission bands fixed requires a lot of money.

It is not just for automatic Top cars; the same creativity applies to manual systems as well. Remember that you have to constantly stop. Come to a break when shifting gears to allow smooth running in terms of driving and keeping your engine well.

5. Not slowing down at speed breakers

Keeping an eye out for speed breakers and potholes is one thing that you don’t want to miss out on doing. It causes immense destruction to your car only because of that one “jump” or “shock”. I mean, it is not even a mistake, you have to keep an eye out for them. And they are pretty apparent on the roads to be avoided. Furthermore, not slowing down on a speed bump damaged your rear, underside, and front of your car immensely. Eventually, your engine is left exhausted, and you can’t do much about it ultimately.

It causes those nasty lumps and buckled wheels on your tires that you don’t want to have on your tires because they are annoying and extremely dangerous. Not only that, they crack alloys and affect the tracking and balancing of your wheels. So please don’t take it lightly; watch out!

If you avoid them, you are good to go. Actually, it’s pretty simple to prevent many difficult and tricky situations.

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