How To Sell Your Second-hand Car For Extra Money

A car is an integral part of today’s life. For every commute, we are dependent on our car. And as long as the car is in peak condition it is an asset worth having. But what happens when it becomes old? Or you want to buy a newer model and need money for the same? Well, you can sell your secondhand car for extra money by taking care of the things listed below. These tips will not only help you get a better price but will also make the process quicker and smoother.

  1. Clean your car – Over the period our car becomes home to our personal belongings. A bottle, a CD or any other little things that we don’t even realize. So, when you planning to sell your car, clean your car thoroughly. Remove all your personal belongings. And wash your car from inside and out. You can either do this by yourself or take it to professional cleaners. Trust us, a clean car has a better chance of fetching more money.
  2. Make necessary repairs – All cars go through wear and tear. So, before you start selling your car, get your car checked and make the necessary repairs if they are minor. This will improve the value of your car in the market.
  3. Service your car – Servicing your car entails checking and replacing oil, batteries, tires.  Though it may seem expensive at the time, your little investment will go a long way in getting you the best price. And it will cover your costs and still leave you with a good amount.
  4. Put your documentation in proper order – Having your documents in order will speed up the process of selling your second-hand car. So, gather all the documents like registration, ownership, insurance and so on. Having proper documents helps you in fetching a better price and finding you a suitable buyer in a short time.
  5. Do your research – Before you put your car on the market, do research and find out what your car is worth. This will help you set a realistic price on your vehicle. It will also help you sell your car without incurring loss since you will know the minimum price of your car in the market.
  6. Use multiple channels to advertise – The best way to get a buyer is to put an advertisement. However, do not limit your advertisement to a single channel. Use newspapers, social media, local contacts, and maybe local dealers to put an ad about your car. This will help you reach more people. And more target audience you have better are the chances of finding a buyer.
  7. Be honest about your car’s features – Though it is tempting to smooth over the car’s actual condition, in the long run, it will only hamper your sale. It is always better, to be honest about what your car can do and not do. What is the real condition, how is the performance and so on. This will help you get in touch with only genuine buyers. And it will save your time from weeding out the non-interested buyers.
  8. Contact Car wreckers – You can also contact car wreckers in your area to sell your second-hand car. Car wreckers are professional and usually less rigid about what they buy. So, your chances of getting a fair price are much higher with authorized car wreckers.
  9. Be cautious – When you are setting up a meeting or agreeing for test drive take proper precautions. Do not let the prospective buyer take test drive alone. Check his credentials. This will prevent any untoward incident.

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