“Pick and Pull” Auto Parts

Gone are the days when people were ready to wait in queue for their turn or a representative to attend to their needs. With the emergence of the self-service concepts, people prefer to do things themselves and pay for them without wasting time in any type of waiting.

Junk Yard / Salvage Yard

And the auto industry is no exception. Although you may find it strange, the self-service concept is very much in practice, especially at a junkyard.  A junkyard is a place that sells second-hand cars, quality used auto parts and sometimes OEM parts.  A junkyard also usually buys a car that is no longer wanted and removes the working parts to sell them. Whereas earlier you had to contact them with your requirement for the car part, today, you can go and collect or “Pull” the part that you want from the car.

How does Pick and Pull Auto Parts Work

“Pick and Pull’ concept is like shopping for groceries from the store. You look around, you pull what you need and pay at the checkout! However, doing the same thing with the auto parts is a bit technical. Here is a low down on how it actually works with the auto parts.

  1. Check Their Inventory – Pick and Pull outlets usually have a website that has inventory cataloguing each and every part they have along with the other details such as make, model, and condition and so on. Thus, when you want to buy a particular part, you can check their inventory to know the availability, options, and price. This will save you time and trouble when you visit them.
  2. The Visit – Once you have identified the part you want, you can visit them as per their timings. Some junk Yard may have entrance fees. You can check the timings and fees, if any, on their website.
  3. Carry your own tools – Again, before you head out to the junkyard, find out whether they rent tools to “pull” the part from the car or you need to carry your own tools.
  4. “Pick and Pull” Auto Parts – After you enter the premises, you will see lines of the car parked for you to pick the car and pull out the part that you need, This needs technical skill. So, if you are not into DIYs, you may want to get the garage person along with you. Also, many junkyards do not allow their staff member to pull the parts to avoid any liability. Thus, confirm the process before you visit. After you have pulled the part you want, make the payment and you are good to go!

Pick and Pull Auto parts is a widespread concept, and has a large list of inventories. The range of cars, parts available and at the prices they offer, are not matched anywhere else. So, next time you are looking to replace a faulty part, visit a junkyard and experience the thrill of “Pick and Pull” Auto parts!

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