What Happens to Cars That Aren’t Recycled?

Cars are the main contributors to environmental pollution. When a car is manufactured apart from the burden on natural resources, it also releases toxic emissions in the environment. Secondly, when the car is functional, it also releases harmful fumes in the air. And lastly, when it is useless and ends up in rust, it adds to the environmental waste and leads to dangerous side effects on its surroundings.

And in spite of many auto recyclers, there are still many more who are not aware of the impact of dumping the car. So, if you do not know what happens to the cars that aren’t recycled, here is the low down on reality.

  1. Air pollution – A car has many chemicals inside its body that makes the functioning of the car smooth and powerful. Few of these include battery acid, gasoline, coolant, and grease or engine oil. However, all these perform by reacting with other components releasing chemicals in the air. Also, when you do not recycle cars and let it sit in a landfill, these gases and liquids leak into the air and add to the air pollution.
  2. Soil pollution – Though not immediately evident, non-recycled vehicles cause more damage to the soil than we imagine.  When the car is not recycled or liquids are not drained properly, the soil suffers. The harmful liquids seep into the soil. And this makes the survival of plants and animals in the surrounding area difficult. Which in turn creates environmental hazards.
  3. Water Pollution – And once your air and soil are polluted, water pollution is not far away. When the polluted soil enters the water bodies, it carries the harmful chemicals from the cars. Also, when it rains, the air pollution particle enters the water. Thus, harming the natural source of water and ultimately we consume this water in one way or the other.

Thus, as you can see, by not recycling the auto we are damaging nature in such a way that ultimately it will come back to us via water that we drink or the air that we breathe.  Therefore, it is a necessity in today’s time to ensure that every car that is no longer needed or working is not simply dumped on landfills to spread the harmful effects bit is recycled by professionals.

So if you have a car that you want to get rid of, call up the professional car wreckers today. They accept cars of all make, model, age, and condition. So, whether you have an old car, a totaled car, a car damaged in an accident or simply a non-working car. It will always find a house with Auto recyclers. And when you take this decision to sell it to auto recyclers everyone wins. You get cash in return for the unwanted car. The Auto recyclers earn money by selling the auto parts. They also earn money by collecting and crushing scrap metal and selling it to recyclers for reuse. And the environmental benefits, by the reduction in pollution, reduced burden on natural resources and low levels of wastage, which we gain is non-measurable!

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