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If you own a junk car, you might think your only option is to have it towed to the nearest landfill. After all, who would want to pay for a junk car? Well, luckily for you there’s a cash for cars company who is willing to pay top dollar for junk cars, even when it’s ‘unsellable’ to traditional car buyers. Of course, we’re talking about Auto Wreckers Perth. Want to know why we’re the best option for junk car owners? Keep reading below to find out.

We Pay Cash for Junk Cars – Even When Nobody Else Well

The great thing about Perth’s best cash for cars company like auto wreckers Perth is that no car is worthless, even junk cars that virtually just scrap metal. As the Western Australia industry leaders for quality car wreckers, we buy vehicles for their valuable metals, materials and auto parts. This differs from traditional car buyers who purchase vehicles to resell and thus are only interested in vehicles that are in good condition.

We’ll Tow Your Vehicle for Free with Our Free Car Removal Service

one of the main reasons why motorists’ junk cars overstay their welcome is because they are no longer worthy and will require towing, which usually can cost an arm and a leg to pay for. there’s no reason to procrastinate any longer because our experts provide free car removals when we buy a vehicle.

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Our Advanced Tilt Tray Tow Trucks Can Handy All Vehicles Types, Conditions & Locations

whether your car is on the road post-accident, or collecting dust on your property, our state-of-the-art and versatile tilt tray tow trucks can collect your vehicle with ease, and have it removed in minutes. combine this with our experienced and fully certified car removal experts and you have a service that will go without a hitch!

Your Wallet Won’t Be the Only Thing Thank You When You Choose Us – So Will the Environment

each year around 500,000 end-of-life vehicles leaves the road, many of which are dumped at the landfill. this leaves a large environmental impact. luckily, you avoid adding your car to this statistic and have it recycled instead with west coast car removal. our car recycling facility is eco-friendly and not only prevents pollution but also allows more environmentally sustainable production of new vehicles.

Get the Best Cash for Cars Deal for Your Junk Car Today

to receive your top cash for junk cars offers today, simply call us for a quote. we provide car appraisals quickly over the phone or online, based on relevant details you give us about your car including its condition, make and model, size and weight. after accepting our offer, you can book your free junk car removal which can be done and dusted in about 30 minutes.

Contact auto wreckers Perth for a quote today at 0427 399 677.

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